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Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

‘Niles offers me the syringe. I position it over the vein in my neck, insert the needle, and press the plunger. I barely feel the pinch. I am too charged with adrenaline.’

I couldn’t help myself, having just finished the second in the Divergent trilogy, I felt the need to discuss.

I was over the moon to receive an ARC of Insurgent, and resisted (with quite some difficulty) the temptation to drop the book I was in the middle of reading in favor of this gem.

After discovering she is Divergent – which almost cost her her life – Tris along with the rest of her faction need to abandon their home to keep themselves safe. Wracked by grief and guilt from the attack, she becomes ever more reckless struggling to accept her future. But someone is still keeping secrets, and Tris needs to be strong if she is to uncover the truth behind her society.

Part of me forgot how much I loved reading Divergent, as it was the middle of last year when I first picked it up as a longlist judge. The main character, Tris, is not particularly likeable, which is something that makes the story a little more interesting.
In this second novel, we learn a little more about the other factions such as Amity and Candor – if you haven’t taken the faction quiz on facebook, you are missing out! I liked the introduction of more characters specifically from the other factions; it really gave a bit more variation to the plot, and to the character personality types.

Of course, Insurgent is a very ‘inbetween’ novel, as is generally expected with the second in a trilogy. However, I wasn’t disappointed because there was lots of new information, and an unbelievable cliff hanger at the end. I’m not quite sure where Veronica is headed at this point, because it seems like thew final part of the story will be utter chaos, but perhaps that is the point.

If you liked Divergent, you will not be disappointed by Insurgent. If you haven’t even read Divergent, but love either The Hunger Games or dystopian fiction, then definitely give this trilogy a go – it’s worth it.

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