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Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

‘People, you’ll find, aren’t usually all good or bad. Sometimes they’re just a little bit good and a whole lot bad. And sometimes they’re mostly good with a dash of bad. And most of us, well, we fall in the middle somewhere.’

There are many stories out there – both in the adult and children’s sections – that deal with the afterlife. It’s a topic I rarely get bored reading about, because it’s nice to ponder all the possibilities of the great unknown.

Elsewhere is the story of 15 year-old Liz who dies in a bicycle accident. She wakes up on a ship travelling to ‘Elsewhere’. She soon learns that in Elsewhere each person ages backwards until they become an infant again, at which point they are sent back down to Earth to be reborn. Needless to say Liz struggles with the fact that she will never turn 16, never have a boyfriend, and never see her family again.

It’s not a long novel, but it’s a powerful and well written one. It resides in the teenage section, but could easily be suitable for the 9-12 age range. I really fell in love with Gabrielle Zevin’s version of the afterlife, and her beautiful way with words. It’s definitely worth a read.

Suitable for age 10+

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