To be a Cat by Matt Haig

To be a Cat by Matt Haig

‘Cats are magic.
That’s right.
Cats. They’re magic.
They have powers you and I can only dream of having.’

Barney Willow is miserable, he thinks his life couldn’t possibly get any worse. He’s funny-looking, he’s bullied at school, his evil headmistress seems determined to make his life a living hell, and worst of all, his dad has disappeared. Barney just wants another life, a simple life, the life of a cat for example. That would be nice, to laze around and have nothing to worry about. But, he should be careful what he wishes for, he doesn’t quite know how much worse things could get!

[About Miss Whipmire] ‘She looked quite old. In fact, she looked about two hundred. But obviously she wasn’t. She was just living on Misery time. (If you don’t already know, Misery Time means that miserable people get old much quicker than happy people. Sour thoughts inside your head apparently make it look like a pickled walnut quite quickly.)’

I absolutely adored this book. It was brilliantly written, and so very funny. If you are a cat lover, and believe there is more to them than meets the eye, then you will love this. It’s got quite a wide age range; I can see it appealing to both younger and older children – something for everyone to enjoy. The story shows the importance of loyalty, love, and bravery in even the most difficult circumstances, and the language isn’t dumbed down the way so many children’s books are these days.

The wonderful flip-book style cat running through the page corners is great too; a fantastic new book.

Suitable for ages 8+

Love From,

Original Book Girl


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