Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

‘The dread came from nowhere. Without warning, my flesh began to crawl. I felt the hairs on my scalp prickle and rise. I couldn’t see anything except the bear post and its cairn of stones, but my body braced itself. It knew.’

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

Dark Matter is a deeply chilling ghost story.

Jack Miller is living a lonely life in London (1937), so when four other young men offer him the chance to be the wireless operator on an expedition to the Arctic, he jumps at the opportunity. They travel to the remote desolate landscape of Gruhuken, isolated from the rest of the world.
Slowly strange misfortunes begin to arise, and one by one Jack’s companions are forced to leave. Despite the warnings from people across the shore, Jack continues the doomed expedition. As the polar night descends, Jack must face months of darkness, all by himself…or is he?

I’ve always thought Michelle Paver is exceptionally talented when it comes to telling a story. Her descriptions are fantastic, and in Dark Matter, they are beautiful but also deeply haunting.
It’s not a gory horror story, it’s much more a psychological frightening tale of isolation, depression, and ghosts. The stark backdrop of the eerie landscape coupled with Jack’s complete isolation really sets the scene for a tale full of suspense, which she keeps up very well throughout the entire novel. It’s not a long novel, but it’s an effective one. It reminded me of a cross between The Woman in Black and Frankenstein, and if you are a fan of either of those books, you will love this one.

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Original Book Girl


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