Starters by Lissa Price

Starters by Lissa Price

Written by an award-winning screenwriter, this book does read very much like a movie.

Fast-paced and action packed, it had me hooked immediately. It’s not my usual style, it’s quite a light read and I imagine will be turned into a film at some point, if that wasn’t the original goal to begin with.

It is aimed at a teen audience, but that didn’t stop me enjoying it for the few hours it took me to read.
The tag line is…

‘Your Body. Rented Out. Used to murder.’

…which pretty much sums it up. Callie is stuck in a futuristic world where only poor teenagers and the rich elderly have survived. The elderly (nicknamed ‘enders’) can rent themselves a younger body, and the teenagers (nicknamed ‘starters’) are desperate to stay alive.

I would definitely recommend it to my teen customers, especially those with a taste for the dystopian. It’s original in some respects, I haven’t come across a story quite like it, but the style does remind me of the new book ‘Slated’ by Teri Terry (due out in May).

Be warned, it does end on a cliff hanger! The sequel is due out at the end of 2012.

Suitable for age 13+

Love From

Original Book Girl


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